Doctor’s Book Review

A doctor was one of the winners drawn in my Tired Thyroid book giveaway, and this is what he wrote:

I already have a copy of Tired Thyroid that I keep at home, but I would really like another copy to keep in my office library (right next to Dr. Broda Barnes and Dr. William McK. Jefferies).  I have read hundreds of research papers on thyroid disorders, but your book is absolutely the best.  Your book is even better than Dr. Broda Barnes’, and believe me, that’s impressive.  Every medical school should make your book required reading; if they did, it would save millions of people from suffering needlessly.

Unfortunately, 95% of medical doctors are brainwashed into thinking that all they have to do is a serum TSH to rule out hypothyroidism.  They are taught this faulty paradigm in medical school, and most of them refuse to consider that their professors were wrong.  This situation will only change when enough people read your book and force their doctors to diagnose and treat hypothyroidism properly. 

— Louis Pottkotter, M.D.