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354) Philip H  Male
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017 04:26 PM

Hi Barb. Just checking in again. I have been on .75 Synthroid for close to three years now and have been experiencing increasing anxiety symptoms for the last year or so. I just had a blood test. My Free T3 is 2.5, so in the low range, and my REverse T3 is 19 ng/dL. But what suprised me is that my Ferritin is 276.6, or above range of 5-244. Usually low ferritin accompanies hypothyroidism. I'm wondering if the high ferritin could be related at all to the anxiety symptoms? Should I work with my doctor to raise my Free T3 and will this help the anxiety symptoms. My TSH has crept up to 2 from below 1, so I wonder if I will need more synthroid.

I have also started supplementing with zinc carnosine and selenium per my doctor's recommendation. I do seem to feel some relief of my symptoms since I've started that and a GOS prebiotic.

Thanks and love your book,
Phil H

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