Thyroid Hormone Medications: T4, T3, or Desiccated (T4 + T3)

NDT contains rT3

Three different types of thyroid medications restore thyroid hormone levels in hypothyroid patients, and each has pros and cons. Levothyroxine or synthetic T4 is the Standard of Care that endocrinologists have been taught to prescribe.  Synthroid is the oldest brand name, and generics are also available for very little cost.  Tirosint is a fairly new … Read more

Thyroid Hormone Requires Iron, Cortisol, Selenium, Iodine

Iron Deficiency Anemia Low iron, or more specifically, low ferritin, is one of the most overlooked causes of low thyroid function. [1]  Ferritin is the stored form of iron that is used by the cells and a better measure of available iron levels than serum iron.  Iron is a component of multiple enzymes involved with … Read more