T3’s negative effect on other hormones

Apparently some people can remain on T3-only indefinitely and actually feel fine, or certainly better than they ever did on T4 medications.  Others, however, become worse, because the high T3 levels have side effects and create imbalances in other hormones.  In men, high T3 levels will cause sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) to rise, the … Read more

A reverse T3 ratio greater than 20 does not indicate good health any more than a normal TSH does

reverse T3 ratio greater than 20

Reverse T3, like cholesterol, is a natural substance found in every single body, and has a purpose.  To try and rid oneself of it is unnatural, and analogous to taking statins to bring cholesterol levels down.  Many have suffered permanent damage from taking statins, and people have suffered serious side effects from taking T3-only.  The … Read more

Do thyroid receptors really get blocked and take 12 weeks to clear? Is T4 really the problem?

Proponents of T3-only therapy believe that reverse T3 “clogs” the T3 receptors, therefore only T3 should be taken for 12 weeks until the reverse T3 is “cleared.”  Yet others who have not changed their dose to T3-only (and continued to take some T4) have reported reduced reverse T3 levels in subsequent labs, by addressing problems like low … Read more