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If you have a general question that doesn’t fall under any blog topic, or want to leave a comment, please do so in the comments section.

Neither the blog or comments section is meant to be an interactive advice forum, where people post their lab results for feedback, so please do not post your lab results, expecting an answer.  I feel it is unwise to give advice without knowing more about a person, so will only answer general questions.  In fact, many of you got in trouble by following internet advice!  I did!   If you’d like to talk to me, email me directly about an affordable hormone counseling session at barb @ tiredthyroid . com

Standard rules for posting apply and you should all know what they are:  no profanity, no flaming, no name-calling, etc.  Please try to keep your stories short and to the point.  Obvious marketing pitches and anything offensive or inappropriate will be deleted.