Was Your Pregnancy Due Date Accurate?

Thyroid dysfunction affects the reproductive system and the length of the menstrual cycle.  When I was hyperthyroid, my cycles came every 2 weeks and were extremely light, because the uterine lining couldn’t build up to a level that normally needs 4 weeks to develop.  When … Read more

Delayed Ejaculation & Erectile Dysfunction May Be Signs of Low Thyroid Levels

Reproductive problems are common in those with low thyroid levels, but receiving a hypothyroid diagnosis is difficult, because the TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) screening test often returns a normal result for nearly everyone. Thyroid hormone provides the body with energy—for women, that energy allows a … Read more

What misdiagnosed illnesses are the result of hypothyroidism or low thyroid levels?

FT3 vs TSH

Thyroid disease is often overlooked and conditions stemming from low thyroid levels are often missed.  Why? Because the diagnostic used, the TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) test, often returns a “normal” result for many who are hypothyroid.  TSH Levels Fluctuate and Often Do Not Reflect Thyroid … Read more

Can PCOS be fully treated?

PCOS is an unrecognized symptom of hypothyroidism.  The connection is often missed because the normal thyroid screening test, the TSH, is not the best diagnostic.  [Why TSH doesn’t work]  Low thyroid levels may cause sporadic periods, infertility, weight gain, insulin resistance, and high androgens, which … Read more