Fatigue is both a Hyperthyroid and Hypothyroid Symptom

Fatigue is a classic hypothyroid symptom, yet many patients who are taking thyroid hormone still complain of unrelenting fatigue. How is that possible? Well, it may have to do with thyroid’s relationship to the hormone cortisol. One of the symptoms of Addison’s disease (low or … Read more

Hypopituitary (low TSH, LH, FSH, ACTH) man takes thyroid, testosterone, and hydrocortisone replacement

I’m making updates to the book today (354 pages!), so getting closer to the finished product!  To continue with the new chapter previews . . . A hypopituitary man is another case study in the new Tired Thyroid book.  He suffered a head injury as … Read more

T3-only or Hydrocortisone (HC) Treatment May Induce Osteoporosis

The T3-only protocol often results in high SHBG levels, and high SHBG is correlated with poor bone mineral density, osteoporotic fractures of the vertebra and peripheral bones (especially the femur or thigh bone) [14], and hip fractures [19].  SHBG appears to have a bone wasting … Read more