If I got severe altitude sickness once where I failed to acclimate, is it silly to try to go to a high spot again and acclimate for 3 days?

Altitude sickness can be a sign of low thyroid levels and/or low cortisol levels.  A healthy body would produce more of both hormones once it sensed the higher altitude, but someone who is hypothyroid, or on a fixed amount of medication, will not be able … Read more

From Hyper to Hypo to Healing—Breaking the TSH Rule

In Search of Eyebrows is the story of my journey, and one of five case studies in the new Tired Thyroid book.  If you’ve been either hyperthyroid or hypothyroid, you may identify with some of the health incidents I describe, and find the explanations for … Read more

High Altitude Sickness – a Hypothyroid Condition?

From:  http://tiredthyroid.com/high-altitude-sickness.html According to my research, a low oxygen state triggers an increase in the thyroid D3 deiodinase enzyme that inactivates the thyroid hormones:  T4 converts to reverse T3, and T3 is inactivated to T2. [1,2]  So essentially, one becomes hypothyroid if they’re not already, … Read more