Are Women’s Hormones Affected by Thyroid Levels?


SHBG also rises in women taking additional T3.  The metabolic clearance rate of estradiol decreases [52] and anecdotally, women have reported painful breasts on this protocol.  Women’s testosterone levels also decrease on this protocol.  This may be desirable if a woman exhibits high androgen symptoms like facial hair, infertility, etc., but undesirable if levels become too low. [54]

In women, estrogen and progesterone can also raise SHBG if taken orally [3], so if a woman is on these other hormones and following the T-3 only protocol, her system can become quite imbalanced.  Hormonal imbalance is often the cause of both physical and emotional symptoms.

If a women’s testosterone decreases as T3 increases, it suggests that PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) is a hypothyroid symptom that could be corrected by raising thyroid (T3) levels.

Has anyone found that thyroid levels affect their estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone levels?  Did raising thyroid increase or decrease your other hormone levels?

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  1. I believe that when my T3 dose is too high, my estradiol levels are too high, because my breasts hurt. As soon as I reduce my dose, the pain goes away the next month.

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